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A Florida Debt Purchaser

Gerard Services Inc. has been in business in Florida for more than 15 years, and purchases various consumer debts that are then assigned to attorneys to collect.

If you are a debt seller...

Gerard is very selective in its purchasing criteria, and generally only purchases Florida judgment debt. Further, full documentation is required, so there is no need to contact us if you only wish to sell a spreadsheet of names, etc. If you do have a portfolio of Florida judgment debt to sell, send your information to splapp@gerardservices.com. we will evaluate it and get back to you promptly.

If you are a judgment debtor...

Gerard owns many judgment debts, but does not have actual contact with debtors or their attorneys. Rather, we refer you directly to one of the law firms that represent us in these matters, to ensure that your account is handled professionally and within the law. If you live in Florida and are named on a judgment that Gerard owns, (or represent a debtor in that situation), we urge you to contact Hiday & Ricke, PA. See our FAQ for more details, including information for debtors who live outside of Florida.


Please do not contact us directly unless you are a vendor or law firm that wishes to represent our company

If you are  a debtor or attorney representing a debtor, we ask that you contact our law firms directly, to ensure proper handling of your inquiry.